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Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix (Pack of 2)

Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix (Pack of 2)


Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix (Pack of 2)


Low sodium
Nut free
Gluten free

Spoon after delicious spoon, satisfy your sweet tooth with a low-calorie chocolate pudding that’s decadent and oh-so-good.  

3.5 oz (100 g)
  • Rich chocolate with a smooth, creamy texture. 
  • Vegan; blend with the milk of your choice.  
  • A low-sugar dessert with half the amount of sugar compared to store-bought instant pudding mixes. 
  • Only 100 calories per serving.  
  • A 12-minute, one-ingredient dessert: Using a whisk beat by hand with 2 cups of milk (any kind). 
  • Top with fruit, layer in parfaits, or use in frozen desserts.  
  • Add ½ tsp ground cinnamon and a pinch of chipotle chili before mixing for Mexican Chocolate Pudding. 
  • Replace 1 cup milk with 1 cup chilled coffee for Mocha Pudding.   

Organic coconut palm sugar, Modified tapioca starch, Organic cocoa powder, Sea salt. 

Any modified food starch used at Epicure is made with tapioca. Epicure only uses gluten-free ingredients. 

Epicure is dedicated to sharing delicious meal solutions that use only real, whole ingredients you can trust, while never ever compromising on taste.

Epicure products are:

  • 100% gluten free
  • Made in a nut-free facility (except coconut)
  • Free from corn syrup & hydrogenated fat
  • Free from artificial colors, sweeteners & preservatives
  • Sugar & sodium conscious
  • Made from ethically sourced ingredients
  • 85% non-GMO Project verified

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